Jessie J: "My Autobiography Says I'm Not Doing The Voice UK Series 2" - Audio

25 September 2012, 07:42

The 'Who You Are' speaks to Capital FM exclusively about her forthcoming new book Nice To Meet You.

Jessie J has revealed that her new autobiography Nice To Meet You says she is not doing the second series of The Voice UK, despite recently signing on for the next installment.

The star's new book was published at a time when it was uncertain whether or not the 'Domino' singer would be able to sign on to another series as a mentor due to scheduling issues.

In an exclusively interview with Capital FM, Jessie again confirmed that she would be on the programme and was looking forward to "hanging out" with Tom Jones, Danny O'Donoghue and again.

Speaking about the reports surrounding her future on the show, Jessie acknowledged that there was speculation because there was moment when she couldn't do the programme.

She said: "In my book it actually says I'm not doing it because at the time my tour dates clashed with the filming of The Voice and between my book being published and now, The Voice have very, very kindly been able to move some of the dates that I'm available because I really wanted to do it.

"We made it work and I always wanted to do it, so we made it work."

Jessie J on The Voice UK

She added: "[The press have] got to find something to write about and why not make me out to be difficult – it's more fun that making me out to be happy.  

"Everybody likes a gossip, but I am going to be there, I never wanted to not do it. The only reason I couldn't do it was because of dates. They've now been organised, I am going to be there sitting in my chair bigging it up."

Listen to Jessie J speaking to our Showbiz reporter Kevin Hughes below:

Jessie J on her future on The Voice UK

Jessie J's autobiography Nice To Meet You is released later this week.

The book shares the same name of her UK arena tour, which is due to take place in 2013.