Jay-Z Visits The Original Magna Carta At Salisbury Cathedral

19 July 2013, 10:58

The '99 Problems' rapper paid a visit to the document his new album was named after.

Jay-Z enjoyed a moving visit to Salisbury Cathedral this week to visit the famous historical document that inspired his new album 'Magna Carta Holy Grail'.

The 'Empire State Of Mind' rapper took a quiet road trip from London down to the city in Wiltshire on Sunday (13th July) to see one of the original Magna Carta documents on display at Salisbury.

Jay-Z is said to have wanted to visit the famous thirteenth century charter of English law after using it as some of the inspiration for his new record, which currently sits on display next to the original Magna Carta.

"Jay-Z kept the visit quiet because he didn't want it to become a big publicity stunt," a source told The Sun this week. "He travelled down from London in a small group in his classic Aston Martin.


Check out a picture of Jay-Z visiting the original Magna Carta this week in Salisbury below (Credit: Splash):

"Jay was genuinely touched to see his album near to the real-life Magna Carta in the chapter house," they explained. "He took the occasion seriously and felt honoured to be there.

"He chatted to the Dean and posed for a few pictures with fans when they asked," the source added, while the Dean later described Jay-Z as a "delightful guest" who was "clearly moved" by the occasion.

Earlier this week Jay-Z was back in Canada where he and Justin Timberlake kicked off their joint 'Legends Of The Summer' tour with a performance in Toronto.

Jay-Z released 'Magna Carta Holy Grail' this month and is currently number one in both the US and the UK with his new record.

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