10 Unapologetically REAL And Controversial Tweets From Iggy Azalea

13 August 2015, 12:28 | Updated: 13 August 2015, 14:13

Iggy Azalea Gelled Hair MTV Video Music Awards

After leaving an uncontrollably empty hole in our lives by taking a hiatus from Twitter, Iggy Azalea has certainly proved she's back in a BIG way with some of these slaying tweets.

Straight up, Iggy Azalea is NOT afraid of throwing her hat in to the ring when it comes to a Twitter feud - and after a short break from the dramz that is the Twittersphere, Iggy is back and just as BRILLIANT as ever.

From feuds with pizza chains and comic book trolls, to some pretty insane and hilarious life questions. We've picked our favourite ever Tweets from everyone's favourite Aussie rapper.

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1. Iggy perfectly summing up every girl on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook EVER in three words!



2. When the 'Fancy' singer had THIS response to a troll comic book account who called out her status in the industry...




3. Beef was also the dish of the day when Iggy found out she could no longer trust people with her pizza orders.



4. She bigged up Taylor Swift's single 'Style', and gave us all collaboration HOPES AND DREAMS.



5. And then got life incredibly spot on in this one reflective Tweet.



6. When Iggy had a serious question to ask...



7. Of course there was the time she went IN on rapper Eminem for his threatening song lyrics toward her, and proves to be all kinds of badass.




8. Iggy proves why she's the queen of setting the record straight!



9. Iggy wants a horse, and shares the name she has in mind.



9. And when she got a little TOO into the McDonald's TV ad...





10. Girl OWNED everyone, and their comments with this slaying tweet.



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