HRVY's Tattoo Guide: Inside The 'Younger' Singer's Neck, Arm & Finger Inks

1 October 2019, 17:26

HRVY's inks, from touching tattoo for mum to finger symbols
HRVY's inks, from touching tattoo for mum to finger symbols. Picture: Instagram @HRVY

HRVY just got s pretty serious neck tattoo.. and he's sorry to his mum, despite its sweet meaning.

HRVY just debuted a brand new ink, this time bravely on display on his neck, and we're loving watching his tattoo journey- and something tells us he'll have plenty more where that came from, as he's

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The ink has incredibly sweet meaning behind it, roman numerals of his mum's birthday in a fine line running down his neck, debuting it to his 4.6 million followers with the caption: "sorrry mum... last one I promise. (It’s my mums birthday)."

He tagged tattoo artist to the stars, Rafael Valdez, who has inked the likes of Madison Beer, Kylie Jenner, Delilah Belle and Marc Anthony.

Showing his fans just how spontaneous he is back in 2018, he took to Twitter to explain: "So I walked past a tattoo shop yesterday...5 dots, for family friends fans health and success."

"I just liked the look of the cross, hoping it gives me good luck...and yes it hurt."

HRVY explains the meaning behind finger tats
HRVY explains the meaning behind finger tats. Picture: @HRVY/ twitter

Despite promising to 'just stick to these two', it didn't take him much longer to continue on his body artwork mission- although they've all been pretty small so far!

To celebrate his collaboration with NCT Dream, HRVY got this seriously cute ink on his forearm, with the letters 'DNYL' for their song, 'Don't Need Your Love' encased in a dripping love heart in June this year, which fans were absolutely loving.

HRVY debuts arm tattoo for 'Don't Need Your Love' collab
HRVY debuts arm tattoo for 'Don't Need Your Love' collab. Picture: Twitter/ @HRVY

So, HRVY may not have that many tats at present, but we reckon he has plenty more in store, following in the footsteps of the likes of Harry Styles, Shawn Mendes and Justin Bieber, best try to keep track of them whilst there's only a couple for now!

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