Harry Styles Recycled His Dunkirk Suit For A Wedding & Fans Are Losing It

25 June 2019, 10:58

Harry Styles attended his step-brothers wedding in his Dunkirk suit
Harry Styles attended his step-brothers wedding in his Dunkirk suit. Picture: Getty Images/ Instagram @ryaanmurraay_

Harry Styles stepped out at another wedding and this time, he recycled one of his very well known suits and now all of a sudden we love outfit repeating.

Harry Styles has rocked up to another wedding (he really loves them, doesn't he?!) and surprised fans by recycling the same Gucci suit he wore to the Dunkirk premier and proved he's not afraid of outfit repeating, and we stan an eco-conscious king!

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Attending his step-brother, Mike's wedding at the weekend, fans noticed that he was wearing the very same suit as he did at the French premier of Dunkirk and flooded Twitter asking just why Haz loves a wedding so much and always looks so damn fashionable at each one he attends.

Haz celebrated the day with family and can be seen posing for snaps and piling into a photo booth with everyone, a far cry from performing alongside Fleetwood Mac's Stevie Nicks at the Gucci Cruise 2020 and waving to hoards of screaming fans in Rome a few weeks ago.

But that's why we love the singer so much, he can be A-lister high fashion one moment, and hanging out with his family (and still fashionable AF) the next!

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Ella didn’t get the sunglasses memo 🌞

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One Twitter user made a very good point, asking, "imagine harry styles being the best man at the wedding when he’s literally the best man of all time" and now, we think we may know why he attends so many weddings after all.

To summarise, we're all pretty jealous we don't get to party with Harry at weddings, because he looks like he brings all kinds of fun, so, anyone a third cousin twice removed of the 'Sing Of The Times' singer, no? Anyone?

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