Fan Who Harry Styles Helped Propose At One Direction Concert Recalls 'One Of The Best Days Of My Life'

2 April 2020, 12:43

One Direction helped a fan propose at their concert in 2014
One Direction helped a fan propose at their concert in 2014. Picture: Getty

A fan who Harry Styles helped propose during One Direction’s Where We Are Tour in 2014 has detailed the unforgettable night six years later.

Harry Styles played a key role in helping a fan at a One Direction concert in Atlanta in 2014 propose to his girlfriend at the time, pausing the music to give the couple the moment most 1D fans have always dreamt of.

Sharing the photos he took with Harry and screenshots of their DMs, Bradley Chisenhall has detailed the events of the magical evening in a throwback post on Reddit.

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Sharing a photo of himself, his then-fiancée, and his sister with Harry later on in the show, the ‘Lights Up’ singer can be seen with his arms around all three of them.

One Direction's Where We Are tour in 2014
One Direction's Where We Are tour in 2014. Picture: Getty

On the night Bradley and his then-partner Christine were like any other pair in the crowd dancing along to Harry, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, and Niall Horan during the boys’ Where We Are concert in Atlanta, when Harry halted the show for the special occasion.

Harry told the thousands in the stadium: “I have a friend in the audience tonight, he’s called Bradley. Here he is,” at which point the cameras pointed at the couple ready to capture the romantic gesture.

Bradley then got down on one knee and proposed!

Earlier in in the day, Harry messaged Bradley on Twitter to say: "Let's make this happen partner..."

Sharing what Harry was like backstage, Bradley said the star was “welcoming and kind”, adding: “He gave us a few beers, put the TV on and we chatted for a few hours. One of the best days of my life for sure.”

Harry Styles paused a 1D concert to help a fan propose to his girlfriend
Harry Styles paused a 1D concert to help a fan propose to his girlfriend. Picture: Getty

Harry also posed for an adorable picture with Bradley’s sister who was pregnant at the time!

Although Bradley also revealed he and Christine divorced a year later and he has since re-married and welcomed a daughter, fans couldn’t help but reminisce the moment they saw all over their Twitter feed at the time.

“I remember posting about this on my fan account!” One person commented.

Bradley shared the throwback 1D moment on Reddit after a post he shared the day before received plenty of attention, where he claimed Niall called him an “a**hole” days after the proposal at their show.

Apparently, the day after the huge proposal Bradley saw Niall followed him on Twitter, so decided to message him to say thank you for helping organise it.

When Niall replied, the guys had a brief conversation before “saying our goodbyes”, and Bradley was so in awe of their chat he decided to post it on Twitter.

He explained in the Reddit post: “The next day, I wake up to a dm from Niall telling me that he didn’t appreciate me posting those and to delete them. I apologised extensively and immediately deleted them.

“The day after that, I heard a rumour that someone saw Niall getting off of his plane at an airport and they asked him what he thought of the '1D proposal guy', and he said 'he’s an a*****e.'

Bradley ended the post with a public apology to Niall, saying he hopes he has forgiven him and is grateful for “the love you guys showed me in Atlanta.”

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