Harry Styles Celebrates A Fan's Glow Up On Twitter As HS2 Approaches

3 September 2019, 15:54 | Updated: 3 September 2019, 16:32

Harry Styles likes a fan's tweet about a major glow-up, confirming HS2 on the way
Harry Styles likes a fan's tweet about a major glow-up, confirming HS2 on the way. Picture: PA/Getty Images

The 'Sign Of The Times' singer has been active on Twitter for the first time in ages, and it was to send some love to a fan who has embraced their true self in between the evolution of HS1 and the approaching HS2.

Harry Styles has liked a fans' tweet about their glow up from his first album, (fan named) 'HS1' and his upcoming second album HS2, celebrating the fact they've embraced their identity, and it's the first social media activity fans have seen from the singer in months.

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Twitter user, @SkinnyRevival wrote: "This was me during HS1, I was kinda insecure because my family were judging me for being to feminine and wearing โ€˜womensโ€™ trousers."

"Now HS2 is coming up, Iโ€™m so confident and Iโ€™ve just wore 3 dresses, a wig and makeup in public and my family loved it. A true glo up!"

Harry is no stranger to embracing 'femininity' and disregarding gender norms, having co-hosted this year's Met Gala, whose theme was 'notes on camp', rocking an amazing lace blouse and earring, and has consistently defended and celebrated LGBTQ+ rights when performing on stage.

The fan was flooded with messages of congratulations from other fans, who also let them know exactly how fierce they looked in their glow up snaps.

Fellow Harry fans wrote, "So so proud of you Harry is too!!", and "I'm so proud of you love. So so proud of you. You are the definition of "Be yourself". I'm so glad you broke those norms along with Harry and proved everyone how wrong they were."

The lucky fan has also clearly been having a seriously good week 1D wise, as they also took to Twitter to announced they'd been in Louis Tomlinson's upcoming 'Kill My Mind' music video... ugh, jealous?!

So, now Haz is back being active on social media, HS2 really must be getting close! We're so. Damn. Excited.

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