Harry Styles Is Loving Your Videos Of Parents Dancing To 'Lights Up'

16 October 2019, 14:13

Harry Styles is loving your parents dancing to Lights Up
Harry Styles is loving your parents dancing to Lights Up. Picture: YouTube Harry Styles/@hightsup/ @ticklisharry

Harry Styles has been on a liking spree after people posted videos of their parents dancing along to his latest record, Lights Up.

Harry Styles has been seriously enjoying videos of your parents dancing to Lights Up, and has been on a liking spree to prove how into them he is, much to the surprise of fans!

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The 25-year-old is notorious for keeping quiet on social media, but after releasing new music, he's opened up online, liking people's messages of support and even replying to fans (who are absolutely loving the track, like us).

Someone posted an adorable video of their Dad, dancing in a 'treat people with kindness' t-shirt- the official merchandise and slogan of the star, which now has over 80k likes, with the fan writing, "ok @Harry_Styles but my dad really enjoyed lights up."

Someone even opted to shake things up, writing to the star, "I know you love dads but here's me mom vibing to lights up", which Haz also dropped a like on, as well as @GUCCI_GHOSTS' dad, who wrote to the former 1D band member:

"This is what I found when I walked into the kitchen this morning... @Harry_Styles my dad approves of the new single."

Proving he's more than just a parent lover, but a whole family lover, he even liked a video of a baby having a boogie and trying to sing along to the catchy tune, which reminds that however cool the star has become, he's still just a big softie at heart!

Since dropping Lights Up on the 10th October along with the seriously steamy music video, it's been over 19million times on YouTube and entered the UK charts, and it's safe to say fans are seriously happy to have him back on the music scene.

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