Harry Styles Has Revealed His Guilty Pleasure Is To Work Out To One Direction Music

10 January 2020, 11:27 | Updated: 10 January 2020, 11:47

Harry Styles works out to One Direction music and our life is made
Harry Styles works out to One Direction music and our life is made. Picture: PA/ YouTube One Direction

Turns out, Harry Styles loves working out to One Direction's music, and all of a sudden our mood improved 150%, and we have Ellen to thank for the singer spilling this blessed tea.

Harry Styles has revealed his ultimate guilty pleasure is listening to One Direction's music when he works out, and we're not sure when we were last made this happy by a piece of news- and we may even be convinced to join a gym ourselves now.

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“Burning Questions” with Harry Styles on The Ellen Show

The 26-year-old took to the hot seat on Ellen for 'burning questions' where he revealed he isn't currently dating anyone, his favourite features on a woman is their 'eyes, smile and character' (aww), and his biggest fear, quite understandably, is dying.

However, upon being asked his 'guiltiest pleasure', Haz took a moment to think before replying, 'working out to One Direction', grinning at the knowledge of the bombshell he was dropping.

Naturally, fans are pretty excited by this revelation, and want to know exactly which tracks, from which albums, Harry is referring to.

One fan asked, "I wonder what one direction album it is or songs that Harry prefers to workout to I need this information in my life" and another said "petition for harry to drop the workout playlist" and we would like to know where we can sign said petition.

The 1D boys have always been supportive of each other's careers and listen to each other's solo material, with Liam Payne including Niall, Zayn and Harry's tunes on his Spotify playlist in 2018- but it's even better to know Harry is still flying the flag for the band's music.

And let's face it, they've got some absolute bangers for the gym, or chilling, or partying, or basically any occasion.

Did we mention we're still obsessed with them?

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