Harry Styles Confuses Fans With American Accent During Interview With Zane Lowe

29 November 2019, 15:49 | Updated: 29 November 2019, 15:51

Harry Styles unveils confusing new accent
Harry Styles unveils confusing new accent. Picture: Harry Styles/Zane Lowe/YouTube

Harry Styles's interview with Zane Lowe sees the 'Lights Up' singer talk about his life and new music, but fans got pretty distracted by his distinctively different accent...

Harry Styles has confused fans by debuting a noticeably American accent during his interview with Zane Lowe for Apple Music, with this trademark Worcestershire drawl being mixed up with a hint of Californian after spending so much time over there.

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Harry Styles – Zane Lowe ‘Fine Line’ Interview

The 25-year-old has wrapped up recording his second solo album, 'Fine Line', which he created in the infamous Shangri-La studios in Malibu, the spot he also invited Zane down to chat with him at, and throughout the course of the 50 minute interview, you cannot help but hear the change in the former 1D member's accent.

Fans took to Twitter to ask if anyone else could hear the shift, writing, "Alright I’m gonna say it.. what’s with Harry Styles’s accent in that Zane Lowe interview" and "Sorry but why does Harry Styles have the weirdest accent ever, slight American, slight English, slight Australian?"

One fan is even considering starting a petition to get Harry to spend more time across the pond to try and undo his rapidly changing accent back, and seeing as he's been spotted at his London home more lately, and it's the place he truly feels is 'home', then maybe we're in with a chance?!

Another strange development from team Harry, is the discovery of a strange, mythical island, 'Eroda', that has been advertising to people social media as a holiday destination- a place people quickly realised doesn't actually exist.

Fans gradually realised the website was full of hints and clues that lead back to Mr. Styles, from the discussion of Watermelon, December 13th (the date his album is released) the fact Edora is 'Adore', an upcoming track, spelt backwards, and the countless other subtle hints in the imagery.

Harry Styles could be behind the mysterious island of Eroda
Harry Styles could be behind the mysterious island of Eroda. Picture: Eroda

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