Florence Welch Honoured By Katy Perry's Saturday Night Live Spoof

13 December 2011, 08:09 | Updated: 13 December 2011, 08:13

The 'Dog Days Are Over' singer says Katy did a "really good job" imitating her for the popular US sketch show.

Florence Welch says she is flattered Katy Perry parodied her during the 'Last Friday Night' singer's guest hosting stint on Saturday Night Live last weekend (10th December).

Katy dressed up as the Florence and the Machine singer for a commercial spoof, which saw her donning a red wig and green dress for a rendition of comedy song 'The Dog Trials Are Over'.

"I heard about that! I saw a picture. She looked good," Florence told Rolling Stone magazine. "They got the centre parting and the green dress.

"I haven't seen it, but I heard she did a really good job. It's kind of amazing, but I love the Saturday Night Live people.

"I really love Katy Perry so I feel really honoured," Florence admitted. "I saw a picture of her as me and I was like, 'Yeah'."

After being asked who she would like to play her on screen were a Florence and the Machine film ever to be made, the 'Ceremonials' singer said Katy would be good as she has "had some practice".

Florence and the Machine launched second album 'Ceremonials' in October, which has since spawned two singles in 'Shake It Out' and 'No Light, No Light'.

Watch Katy Perry's parody of Florence and the Machine below: