Example: "Public Sector Strike Looks Like Judgement Day"

30 November 2011, 16:31 | Updated: 30 November 2011, 17:29

The rapper comments on the ongoing disruption across the UK.

Example has compared the ongoing public sector strike to "judgement day".

Thousands of people are currently rallying across the UK against government plans to make workers pay more and work longer hours before receiving their pensions.

In a message on Twitter, Example said he was shocked by what was unfolding on the news.

The 'Changed The Way You Kiss Me' star wrote: "Just watching the news. What the f**ks going on back in England? Looks like Judgement Day."

The action has impacted schools and hospitals, as workers join the picket line.

Meanwhile, in a new interview Example has revealed that he has become a hit with the ladies since becoming famous.

The 'Stay Awake' rapper also recently admitted he is already working on his fourth studio album.

'Midnight Run', the latest single to be released from his current album 'Playing In The Shadows', is out this Sunday (4th December).