Example Bought A Fan A Brand New Car After He Complained He Didn't Have An Aux

29 June 2018, 11:41

Example Car Tweet

After Example promised to buy a fan a car, we're just gonna let you know that we, erm, don't have a mansion. Fancy getting us one of those, EG?

There's no denying it - Example is the man. He co-created 'The Nando's Skank' with Ed Sheeran, and he graced us with bangers such as 'Kickstarts', 'Kids Again' and 'We'll Be Coming Back'.

Could the man do any better? It turns out he can...

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Example V FestivalPic: Getty

A fan got in contact with the record producer, whose real name is Elliot Gleave, on Twitter, asking whether or not his latest music will be coming out on CD, because he doesn't have AUX or Bluetooth in his car.

Remember; not all heroes wear capes, because Example then publicly promised to his two million followers that he'd buy him a car, so that he can enjoy his new music, as he won't be releasing it on CD.

We hope it's coming out on cassette, to be fair, because we only have a tape deck in our car.

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