Example And Professor Green Defend Cher Lloyd Over V Festival 2012 Bottling

20 August 2012, 17:45 | Updated: 20 August 2012, 17:49

The 'Swagger Jagger' was bottled on stage during her performance at the Chelmsford leg of the festival.

Example and Professor Green have defended Cher Lloyd after the singer walked off stage during her performance at the V Festival at the weekend.

The 'Swagger Jagger' singer left the stage at the Chelmsford leg of the festival after she apparently had a bottle of urine thrown at her by an audience member.

Professor Green said the act by the unknown audience member was "disgusting" and said Cher was right to leave the stage.

He said on Twitter: "It's easier to walk away from a stage if you don't like an artist than it is to fill a bottle with p**s and launch it, surely?

He added: "I got hit with a pound coin once. I suspect it cost the person who threw it more than it did me.

"I'd take the hate and the success over being unsuccessful and as stuck as I was before any day of the week."

Example also reacted to the incident on Twitter: "Whilst i'm not a fan of Cher Lloyd I don't think anyone deserves bottles of piss thrown at them. Stick to plain old booing in future people."

Professor Green and Example both performed at V Festival, which also saw performances from the likes of Tulisa Contostavlos, Tinie Tempah and Labrinth.