Example Teases "Happier" New Album Sound And June Release Date - Audio

31 January 2014, 11:15 | Updated: 31 January 2014, 15:26


Listen to the 'Kids Again' singer revealing all to Capital about the follow-up to 'The Evolution Of Man'.

Example has opened up exclusively to Capital FM about his brand new album and promised a more "loved up" sound since he got married last year.

Example teases his "loved up" new album...

The 'Changed The Way You Kiss Me' rapper returns with lead single 'Kids Again' in March, and chatted to Capital Breakfast this week to reveal more about his next record.

"The album's [coming] in June," Example exclusively revealed to Capital Breakfast. "We do the single in March, another first week of June and then the album.

"I finished half of this album before I got married last May, and then the other half's been done since then in London," the 'Close Enemies' rapper explained. "I've noticed since I got married, the six songs I've written since I got married are really loved up.

"In the past, all my songs, I didn't realise they're all quite uplifting musically but they're quite depressing and all about break-ups and feeling low and feeling depressed," Example noted. "All of the six singles coming off this album are all about "I feel great, I'm in love, I feel young again!'"

Example releases new single 'Kids Again' on 16th March.