Example: "I Want To Go On Loose Women And Snog Them" - Video

5 October 2012, 07:55

The 'Say Nothing' rapper reveals he's a big fan of the presenters on the popular TV show.

Example has revealed that he is keen to be a guest on Loose Women.

The 'Say Nothing' rapper has been enjoying the all-female lunchtime ITV panel show in recent weeks after injuring his foot.

Speaking to Capital FM, Example admitted that he had a crush on a couple of the programme's presenters, but failed to name which ones he liked.

"I like a bit of Loose Women. I want to go on there and be a guest," he said. "I saw Enrique Iglesias went on there and he snogged one of them. A couple of them are quite fit."

Asked which presenter Example would like to snog, he replied: "I don't know. I think if you went on Loose Women, because they're all like 80, if you kiss one or two of them then my girlfriend wouldn't be annoyed because it's playful flirting that helps towards your career in the whole old range.

"Where as if you went on TV and snogged a hot 20-year-old you'd get in trouble."

Meanwhile, Example has been forced to postpone all of his live touring duties this month due to his leg injury. 

The 'Stay Awake' star had to postpone a series of shows back in September, and has now been told by doctors that his Achilles tendonitis has "got worse" and he needs more time to recover.

Example's new single 'Close Enemies' is released on 11th November.

The 'Kickstarts' singer will also release his new fourth studio album 'The Evolution Of Man' on 19th November.

Watch Example speaking about Loose Women below: