Example Shows Off Golf "Tekkers" On Winter Holiday

12 January 2012, 16:17 | Updated: 12 January 2012, 16:29

The 'Stay Awake' rapper tweets a picture of himself enjoying 18 holes on his Australian vacation.

Example has taken to his Twitter account to show off his golf skills to his fans as he enjos a winter holiday in Australia.

The 'Changed The Way You Kissed Me' star posted a picture of himself dressed in his golf attire and taking a swing on the golf course.

In his first picture he is stood on the green in his smart attire and then also posted a picture showing an array of Kangaroos in the trees with the message: "Kangaroos on the 6th tee..."

His final picture showed him taking a full swing and he tweeted: "My golf tekkers..."

The rapper recently posted a picture of himself underwater swimming with sharks on the same holiday.

Meanwhile, the star recently admitted that he used to get bullied at school for the size of his teeth and is set to head out on his headline UK tour in April.

You can view the pictures of Example on the golf course below. (Pictures: Twitter)

Example twitter

Example plays golf

Example twitter