Dua Lipa Spills ALL The Tea About Mystery Beef On Twitter

28 March 2018, 15:37 | Updated: 16 May 2018, 15:38

Dua Lipa

The 'New Rules' star opened up on Twitter about someone who'd wronged her, with many fans thinking Dua's words could actually be new lyrics?

Dua Lipa is not a pop star to be messed with. After recently calling out a journalist for reporting fake news about her recent dental surgery, to outlining everything we should do to avoid getting back with our exes, she's just so woke right now.

So when Dua took to Twitter to reveal that someone had deceived her, everyone was naturally wondering who these words were about, but fans are convinced they're our first glimpse into Dua's second album!

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Writing on Twitter, Dua hit out saying, 'I see through you now and all you have pretended to be. Funny how some people are never quite how they seem.'

Are they words about one of Dua Lipa's exes, including Paul Klein or Isaac Carew?

Could they be lyrics from Dua's rumoured upcoming collaboration with Calvin Harris?

Or maybe they could be lyrics taken from a new song Dua may be writing for her second album? That's certainly what fans think with many taking to Twitter to share their thoughts...

After Calvin Harris changed his Twitter header to a secret code that appeared to reveal 'One Kiss', his upcoming song with Dua Lipa, our best guess, if they are indeed lyrics, would be that they may be taken from that release.

Whatever the reason and whoever the words are about, someone clearly hurt Dua and we're not here for that one bit. If she really is spilling the tea on someone, we say keep it pouring babe!

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