WATCH: Dua Lipa Got Locked In The Blokes' Loo And Filmed It All On Snapchat, Begging For Help!

9 December 2017, 21:46


At the #CapitalJBB, there's a lot of lush destinations - the stage is beautiful, the VIP room is gorgeous, and the dressing rooms are kitted out to the max.

Meanwhile, the men's toilet is probably one of the least popular hotspots. And yet Dua Lipa (sorta) chose to stay there!

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Dua Lipa with Roman Kemp

Roman Kemp invited the 'New Rules' sensation to pay a visit to his #CapitalJBB grotto, and while she was here, he also kinda forced her to prank her millions of fans.

Handing her a phone and a piece of paper, she faked that she did a Stormzy, and was actually locked in the men's toilet all on Snapchat.

Can someone get this girl an Oscar please, because that's some damn fine acting.

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