Five Things We Learnt About Dua Lipa’s Beauty Routine From Her Instagram Live With Makeup Artist Lisa Eldridge

2 April 2020, 15:44

Dua Lipa spilled her makeup and beauty secrets
Dua Lipa spilled her makeup and beauty secrets. Picture: Getty / Lisa Eldridge/Instagram

Dua Lipa was spilling all her beauty secrets during an Instagram live with her makeup artist Lisa Eldridge.

As well as being the queen of pop thanks to her sensational new album ‘Future Nostalgia’, Dua Lipa is one of our ultimate style icons – especially when it comes to makeup.

The 24-year-old knows how to work the enviable bare-faced look but is as striking as ever with an array of vibrant colours and sparkles on her face.

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So when she tuned in for an Instagram live chat with her makeup artist Lisa Eldridge, we sat up and took note.

From her everyday, go-to makeup to foundation blunders we've all faced, here’s what we learnt about the ‘Don’t Start Now’ hitmaker’s beauty tricks.

Dua Lipa’s go-to shade is brown

Dua Lipa said her go-to lip and eyeshadow shade is brown
Dua Lipa said her go-to lip and eyeshadow shade is brown. Picture: Getty

Admitting she’s still learning about the array of colours she likes, Dua said most of the time she opts for, “dark brown lips and then a creamy brown lid.”

However, shooting for the album cover of ‘Future Nostalgia’ encouraged her to break her routine.

“It [the shoot] was really exciting cos I felt I hadn’t dived into that side of makeup - just to really go over the top with colour. I’m normally a creature of habit but when I tried different colours on I got obsessed with trying them out – glitters and everything!”

She hid her iconic blonde hair for a few days

Dua Lipa's block section of blonde has sparked a trend of its own
Dua Lipa's block section of blonde has sparked a trend of its own. Picture: Getty

At the moment Dua is rocking a block-section of vibrant blonde at her parting, something which sparked a trend of its own and has quickly become her trademark, but the star confessed she had regrets as soon as she saw it.

“The first day I woke up with the blonde I was like, ‘what have you done?’ but after the first few days I got used to it. I did hide it for a while - I was wearing this black fringed wig...

“I got used to it in private before everybody else saw it which was nice. I’ve experimented so much more and blondes have more fun! We’ll see what the next chapter holds…”

She’s had makeup mishaps just like the rest of us

We’ve all experienced the makeup-blunder phase, a common error being arriving at school with an orange face and a white neck and Dua’s teen years were no different, saying she too failed to find the shades that worked best for her skin tone.

“I look back and think wow I shouldn’t have… I’ve had some foundation mishaps, really dark eyebrow mishaps, I’ve had the confused look a lot.”

Adding it was all just part of growing up, Dua laughed: “I definitely understand when people say less is more.”

Dua Lipa got creative for her 'Future Nostalgia' album shoot
Dua Lipa got creative for her 'Future Nostalgia' album shoot. Picture: Dua Lipa/Instagram

Dua is hailed the skincare queen

The star’s makeup artist Lisa Eldridge pronounced Dua the “skincare queen”, revealing that even after three 16 hour days of 12 different looks while shooting ‘Physical’ in Barcelona she always returned the following day with a cleansed and prepped face.

Describing how she got into a proper skincare routine, Dua said she started to notice two years ago she was getting breakouts after having ‘normal’ skin through her school years.

“When I reached my 20s I started getting breakouts so after slowly taking things and removing them I could see what reacted on my skin. For so long I was using oil products thinking they were nourishing, but for my skin I was breaking out!”

However she reminded fans: “Everyone skin is so different. It if you think something isn’t working, look into it.”

Dua has some show-stopping looks planned for tour

Dua was scheduled to go on tour very soon, but her dates have been postponed to later this year and into 2021, meaning fans will have even more iconic looks to see.

She revealed: “That was quite upsetting when it got moved but everyone’s health and safety is so important.”

Teasing what fans can expect from her tour, Dua said: “I’m really excited ‘cos I feel like we’ve been planning it for so long, the makeup and the hair and the outfits… There are so many pictures people haven’t seen yet, we’re keeping some of them for future singles.”

Dua ended her chat with Lisa by promising to book an appointment as soon as lockdown is eased, so the beauty pro can fix her eyebrows, and honestly we couldn’t relate more.

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