Khalid And Dua Lipa To Collaborate? Talk Singer Reaches Out To Pop Star As Fans Beg Them To Team-Up

27 February 2019, 12:16

Khalid has made it very clear he wants to work with Dua Lipa, and fans are eagerly-awaiting a response from the Swan Song hitmaker.

'Talk' singer Khalid has reached out to Dua Lipa with plans of a collaboration, in what would likely be one of the hottest tunes of the year.

Khalid has long been a fan of the 'Hotter Than Hell' songstress, and during a chat with Roman, Vick and Sonny on Capital he revealed his hopes for them to team up.

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He told the Breakfast Show hosts: “It was so funny because on the red carpet (at the BRITs) it was, ‘who do you want to collaborate with?’ and I said, ‘Dua, Dua, Dua’. I ran into her and we had a little chit chat… and she goes ‘we gotta work together’.”

Khalid wants to collaborate with Dua Lipa
Khalid wants to collaborate with Dua Lipa. Picture: Getty

Sharing the clip of his interview a few days later on Twitter, Khalid added: “I mean @DuaLipa,” alongside two thinking emojis.

And that wasn’t the first time the 21 year old proved how much of a fan he is of the pop star – back in 2017 he praised Dua on her epic Halloween show in Hamburg.

Over the scary season Dua’s tour was brilliantly Harry Potter themed and when one fan tweeted: “The Halloween show in Hamburg was so cool! You killed it tonight!”, Khalid shared it, writing: “I love you @DuaLipa you snapped on this.”

Fans are now eagerly awaiting Dua’s response to Khalid’s offer, with hundreds replying to the singer songwriter’s tweet urging her to reply.

“Omg pls do it!” responded one fan, as another wrote: “This better not be a drill!”

“Please make this happen!” begged a third fan, while a fourth pleaded: “Omg this is gonna be a big bop.”

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