WATCH: Has This Guy Thrown ALL Of Shade Towards Drake And 'One Dance'?!

Seth Everman Drake 'One Dance' Cover

We've seen our fair share of Drake covers in our lifetime, but this one probably takes the crown, simply because it's so damn shady!

Seth Everman. He's your standard, hairless musician (and incredible name-owner). He did his thing and covered Drake's incredible hit 'One Dance'. Simple enough, really.

Until you check the comments on his videos and realise just how many people are creasing up over the fact that Seth's managed to recreate the song using... Actual junk.

> Sia Just Reached Out To Drake And The Internet Went Into Meltdown...

With comments like "This is SO disrespectful to that beat maker" and "Why he always exposing drake like this lmfaoooo", you can't help but feel sorry for the 'Hotline Bling' hit maker as Seth covers the introduction using old Nintendo 64 cartridges, two bottles of alcohol and pennies.

At least Everman looks happy doing it, right? RIGHT?!

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