Cheryl Cole On The X Factor USA Exit: "I Should Probably Care More Than I Do"

28 May 2012, 14:36 | Updated: 28 May 2012, 14:45

The 'Call My Name' star admits she is more interested in concentrating on her music then her controversial departure.

Cheryl Cole has confessed that she was never "embarrassed" and let down by Simon Cowell after she left The X Factor USA and admitted she "should probably care more" then she does after her exit.

The Girls Aloud star was a judge on the UK version of the show before joining the music mogul across the pond – before eventually being replaced by Nicole Scherzinger in reportedly acrimonious circumstances.

"The TV world came into my world – I'd been in the group years before I went on to TV. I only anticipated doing one X Factor," the star told The Observer.

Speaking about if the ordeal was upsetting, she added: "I think people think it was, but it wasn't. I should probably care more than I do."

The singer has yet to come out and give the reasoning behind her axing from the show and has no intention to dwell on matters in the past as she aims to get on with making her music.

The star did recently admit it was nothing to do with her Geordie accent despite some of the earliest reports citing that as the main contributing factor.

"There's been so much, to put it bluntly, crap, written about it – the whys, hows and ifs. I don't speak. I never do speak. Just let them get on with their little side of it and I'll get on with making music," she said.

Meanwhile, Cheryl performed her new single 'Call My Name' for the first time on The Voice UK this weekend and will release new album 'A Million Lights' on 18th June.