Check Out The Best Reactions To Cheryl Cole's Marriage - There's a Lot Of Broken Hearts!

18 July 2014, 16:58 | Updated: 9 October 2014, 10:06

The Internet pretty much exploded with news of Cheryl's surprise marriage! Here's the BEST fan reactions to her news.

Hey Chezza, you don't hang about do you? Cheryl Cole announced that she had married her love of three months, Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini on Instagram last night - and the internet pretty much exploded! With the news coming out of nowhere - the pair had kept tight lipped about being engaged and only ten people knew before the ceremony - Cheryl's #Soldiers could NOT cope. 

Ex-Girls Aloud bandmate Nicola Roberts says she has never seen Cheryl happier: 

Daniella Westbrook showed her support for Chezza's wedding, but managed to miss the 'y' on her keyboard: 

This fan was gutted they didn't get in there first:

This one was just gutted that Chez wouldn't have a rhyming surname - Cheryl Ferrell does have a ring to it…:

The entire male population are devastated by recent events:

Wonder if 'Crazy, Stupid Love' was playing as she walked down the aisle?:

This tweeter just likes the sound of the island they got married on:

This fan thinks Chezza went about it the right way: 

We're not sure what her new surname will be, but it definitely won't be Bernard…:

They may have married SUPER quick, but when you know, you KNOW: 

Jean-Bernard IS a bit of a hotty, this fan approves: 

We wonder if Cheryl has crossed this relationship boundary yet?

This #Soldier couldn't contain their excitement! 

Soz Adam… 

…And James… 

And Charlotte would have put a ring on it even quicker than JB did: 

CONGRATS Cheryl and Jean-Bernard - now we just need you guys to have some super cute babies?? 

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