Cheryl Cole Comforts Sarah Harding After Split From Fiancé

After a public break-up from Ashley Cole, Cheryl is sharing her survival tips with Girls Aloud bandmate Sarah Harding as she gets over ex Tom Crane.

Sarah Harding ended her relationship with DJ Tom Crane, who she was engaged to, after reported months of arguing.

And having gone through a public and difficult break-up with cheating Ashley Cole, Cheryl has taken Sarah under her wing and is helping her deal with the tough time.

"Cheryl and Sarah have bonded over the split," a friend revealed.

"No-one knows more about dealing with a public break-up better than Cheryl. She's even been joking that they must be jinxed."

The Girls Aloud gang have all been back in touch as they're said to be planning a huge reunion tour for their ten year anniversary next year.

And earlier this week Cheryl Cole tweeted a picture of the band back together enjoying a girly night in, but without Nadine Coyle who is currently in America.

"Cheryl has really been there for Sarah," the source added to the Daily Star.

"Calling and texting to make sure she's ok."

Cheryl has also made a promise to Sarah to take her on a girly holiday to make her feel better.

It's hoped Cheryl Cole's new music will be released later this year, as Taio Cruz confirmed working with the star on a new song.