Cheryl Cole A US X Factor Hit While Nicole Scherzinger Called "Robotic"

Critics claim Nicole Scherzinger was a "downgrade" judge on The X Factor's US debut compared to "charismatic" Cheryl Cole.

Cheryl Cole has been praised for her performance in the first, and only episode she'll feature in, of the US X Factor with critics saying, "We want Cheryl back".

It was initially thought Cheryl got the boot for her Geordie accent, and then Simon Cowell described her onscreen performance as "bewildered", but critics disagree.

"Ousted judge Cheryl Cole was perfectly understandable," TV Guide, a big US magazine, said.

"Well-spoken and charming too. Her replacement Nicole Scherzinger's robotic comments are grating by comparison."

The New York Times call Nicole a "downgrade" and said she was "not much more than a seat warmer," the Daily Star reports.

Before the show aired Nicole Scherzinger was all excited on Twitter, posting updates about when the show was due to start, and giving her fellow judge a special shout.

"Welcome to Twitter @LA_Reid!" she tweeted.

"Go team @TheXFactorUSA! @PaulaAbdul #XFUSA."

Nicole hasn't posted since the first episode was on, but it's thought Simon Cowell isn't happy with the first set of reviews.