Cheryl Cole's New Man?

Cheating ex Ashley Cole gets ditched as Cheryl Cole is set up with a new millionaire man.

Cheryl has reportedly deleted Ashley's number as she focuses on her career and has already lined up a date with a new guy.

"One of the producers she's been working with said he has a pal who's desperate to meet her and thinks they're a perfect match," a source revealed.

"He's not in the public eye and is a self-made millionarie businessman who is a very desirable bachelor.

"After splitting with Ash she told him she'd go on that date when she returns to LA."

The latest news is that Cheryl has moved in with manager, who has been helping Cheryl to launch her career in America.

"Will has played a major part in the rebuilding of her life, her confidence, her career," the source told the Sunday Mirror.

"He's helped her stand up for herself, enabling her to make big decisions like showing Ashley the door."

The source also added that Cheryl inviting Ashley to her birthday party was a "blip" but that their relationship is completely over.

Cheryl's new solo album is expected along with a new single later this year, with new songs set to feature Rihanna, Usher and David Guetta.