People Are Freaking Out About Cheryl’s ‘Missing’ Baby Bump But There’s A Simple Explanation

6 March 2017, 11:21

Cheryl Eyelure new packaging

Mystery = solved.

We all know Cheryl’s probably just days away from giving birth to Liam Payne’s baby, but people have been wondering where her baby bump has disappeared to after the star posted a new photo on Instagram.

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Cheryl posted about her revamped range of false eyelashes for Eyelure on Instagram last night, and fans were quick to question where her bump had disappeared to in the new shots.

They took to Twitter and Instagram to question how Cheryl was suddenly so slim again:

One user commented on Cheryl's photo, "Must of had that bubba by now?" while another posted, "I don't know pregnant women have big stomach but your stomach is small again after last shot". Another fan was confused when the pictures were from, writing, "is this old photo? can anyone explain to me? where is baby? :/" and others posted, "U are pregnant for 11 month where is the baby now???".

Well, there’s a REALLY simple explanation… the photos were actually shot months in advance, ready for when Eyelure wanted to launch the new collection, duh. Mystery = solved.

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