This Cheryl Lookalike Is So Convincing Haters Will Say It’s Photoshop

10 January 2018, 16:39 | Updated: 10 January 2018, 17:24

Cheryl Lookalike - Sian Teesdale

This has to be the best Cheryl lookalike ever.

Whether she's providing us with certified pop bangers or simply being cute AF with Liam and baby Bear, Cheryl is always amazing. But what if there were two Cheryls?

Well Instagram is a place where you can pretty much find anything and that includes the best Cheryl lookalike we've ever seen. Sian Teesdale from Wales revealed she often gets compared to the Geordie star and after a quick swipe through her pics it's easy to see why.

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In fact, there were some pictures which Sian posted on Instagram that looked so much like Cheryl we had to actually question whether it was indeed the 'Fight For This Love' star.

Yep, that's actually Sian. We know, we had to do a double take too. Now we're not saying that if we were in a room with both Sian and Cheryl we wouldn't be able to tell who's who, but Sian sure is a pretty damn good lookalike!

Check out the rest of these snaps and give us a shout if you think you know someone who's a better celebrity lookalike!

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