Cheryl Cole Invited To Appear On Geordie Shore?

28 April 2012, 09:28

Producers apparently want the Girls Aloud star to appear after admitting she's a big fan of the TV series.

Cheryl Cole has been invited to appear on Geordie Shore, according to reports.

The 'Call My Name' star was apparently contacted by producers after she revealed in interviews that she was a fan of the TV series, which follows a group of people living in Newcastle.

A source told The Sun: "Cheryl loves Geordie Shore and never misses an episode. She couldn’t believe it when an invite arrived for a cameo part.

"Her schedule is incredibly busy at the moment but she’s trying to find a way of fitting something in as it would be too funny to miss."

Meanwhile, Cheryl told Capital FM this week that she still enjoyed going back to Newcastle and liked to eat Chinese food from a takeaway her family had been using for the last 20 years.

The Girls Aloud star also spoke about the video for her new single 'Call My Name' during the interview and joked that she brought Geordie weather to Los Angeles for the shoot.