Cheryl Cole to date Eminem and Kanye?

Cheryl Cole has been set up on dates with Eminem, Kanye West and 50 Cent.

The singer has asked and Rihanna to play match-maker for her.

A source told Now: 'Cheryl's enlisted the help of and Rihann to help.

'She's had a couple of casual dates with Fiddy shortly after she split from Ashley and they've kept in touch.

'She's really excited about seeing him again, especially now he's single after splitting with US chat show host, Chelsea Handler.'

They added: 'Will also wants her to go on a date with Kanye West, who he thinks would be a better match.

'She's always had a thing for Kanye and she'd love to work with him'.

The source added that Cheryl had been set up to date Eminem by Rihanna.

'(Rihanna) says he's an amazing guy and told Cheryl she would set them up. Cheryl's adored Eminem for years.'