Cheryl Cole Rocks Blue Suede Shoes In Los Angeles As She Reveals Her Idea Of Romance

17 January 2013, 14:49

The 'Under The Sun' star is back in LA this week after revealing romantic gestures are the way to her heart.

Cheryl Cole says she would be just as happy receiving a homemade card as she would an expensive piece of jewellery, claiming the romantic gesture is what is important to her.

The 'Call My Name' star arrived in Los Angeles earlier this week in an eye-catching outfit boasting Elvis Presley style blue suede shoes, and has also spoken out about what it takes to win her heart.

"For me romance is literally a thought," Cheryl revealed this week while promoting Pandora's new Valentine's jewellery collection. "It doesn't matter what the gesture is whether it's a very luxurious piece of jewellery or clothing, or whether somebody has just thought about making you a card or running a bath.

"It's the gesture and the thought behind it that I find to be romantic and I'm a hopeless romantic so anyone who thinks like that is in good stead."

Cheryl was all smiles while arriving into LAX Airport at the start of this week where she was pictured in a high collar jacket, black leather leggings and electric blue suede boots.

Check out a picture of Cheryl in Los Angeles this week below (Credit Xposure):

Recent rumours have suggested Cheryl's boyfriend Tre Holloway was planning to propose to the star over Christmas before her mother advised him to wait for a while.

Cheryl Cole is set to join her Girls Aloud bandmates in the coming weeks for the start of their reunion tour starting in Newcastle on 21st February.