Cheryl Cole Autobiography To Feature Just Four Pages On Her Marriage To Ashley Cole?

16 July 2012, 07:27 | Updated: 16 July 2012, 07:39

The 'Call My Name' star will be dedicating the majority of the book to her music career and time on The X Factor.

Cheryl Cole's upcoming new autobiography will reportedly feature only four pages on her marriage to Chelsea football star Ashley Cole.

The '3 Words' star announced plans for the book's release last month, but fans expecting "sordid revelations" on her former relationship will be disappointed.

"Cheryl won't be writing much at all about her marriage," a source close to the singer told The People. "She will be penning her opinions about her and Ashley but there will be no more sordid revelations.

"Her fans might have been hoping for some real fireworks and her laying into Ashley but it won't be happening."

The book will apparently focus on her time in Girls Aloud as well as her journey on The X Factor.

"The fact that there will be little focus on Ashley doesn't mean the book won't be a brilliant, entertaining read," added the insider. "It will be Cheryl's life, from her tough upbringing to her global fame."

You can view a picture of Cheryl with Premier League star Ashely when they were still together below: (Picture: PA)

Cheryl, who previously told Capital Simon Cowell would be "lucky to get a footnote" in her book looks set to play a key part in the autobiography.

"There's no doubt that Simon Cowell will come in for a bit of a kicking after what he said about her in his biography," continued the source. "There is no way that Simon will come out of this unscathed. He's fair game to Cheryl after what he allowed to be written about her."

Cheryl's autobiography will be released through publishers HarperCollins in October.