Charlie Puth Became A Backstage Runner For The Day At The Summertime Ball

9 June 2018, 22:32

Charlie Puth got a little more than he bargained for coming along to perform at the Summertime Ball when Roman trained him up as a backstage runner...

Charlie Puth gave an absolutely incredible performance, singing hits like 'See You Again' and 'Attention', but before he was allowed to take to the stage, Roman had a little initiation test for him- sign him up as a backstage runner and learn the ropes from the bottom up.

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From learning how to handle walkie talkies, to which type of paper is which and even ordering tuna melts for Camila Cabello's family (strange food choice, but we ain't judging Camila) Charlie was bemused, but handled the entire thing like a boss.

He did at one point forget what A4 paper was, which did NOT please head runner Roman Kemp, we mean runner Kemp.

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