Billie Eilish Is STILL Ignoring Shawn Mendes' Text Messages

9 August 2019, 11:02

Billie Eilish Is STILL Ignoring Shawn Mendes' Text Messages
Billie Eilish Is STILL Ignoring Shawn Mendes' Text Messages. Picture: Getty / First We Feast

'Bad Guy' singer Billie Eilish previously revealed that she had ghosted Shawn Mendes, but it appears even after her initial admission, she's still ignoring the Canadian heartthrob. Awks.

Despite the fact that he is one of the hottest names in pop RN - with his sell-out world tour being a roaring success and his hit single 'Senorita' with rumoured girlfriend Camila Cabello going straight to number one worldwide - it appears that even Shawn Mendes isn't immune to being ghosted (maybe he's human after all...?).

Earlier this year, Billie Eilish revealed that Shawn Mendes had texted her (presumably about a collab), but that she'd never replied.

Now, Mendes has let slip that the 'Bad Guy' singer STILL hasn't responded to his message. Whaaat?

In an interview with First We Feast, Billie was asked who the last famous person was who texted her, and she replied: "Shawn Mendes texted me but I didn't respond."

Eilish then laughed it off, making it out to be no big deal.

Of course, fans were quick to pick up on the throwaway comment and started sharing the quote on social media.

Shawn then retweeted the interview clip, along with the caption: "Lol WOW."

Fast forward a few months, and Mendes let slip in a fan Q&A chat with Seventeen during his Nashville gig: "She [Billie] never did [text back]".

Naturally, the room erupted into laughter and were left impressed by Eilish's brazen attitude to getting a DM from the 'Stitches' hunk.