WATCH: BENEE Finds Billie Eilish Comparisons "Annoying"

6 April 2020, 07:52

BENEE opens up about Billie Eilish comparisons

After the 'Supalonely' star's mentions were flooded with people comparing her to Billie Eilish, BENEE stated what she thought about them.

BENEE's hit 'Supalonely' has become an international smash after it featured in a TikTok dance trend this year, and since then, the 20-year-old has gained tonnes of new fans.

Some of her followers have been comparing her to the GRAMMY Award-winning Billie Eilish, stating that they're both quite young; that they both write from personal experience, and so on.

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BENEE spoke about Billie Eilish comparisons
BENEE spoke about Billie Eilish comparisons. Picture: Getty

When the 'Supalonely' star joined Capital Breakfast with Roman Kemp via FaceTime, Roman asked BENEE exactly what she thought of the comparisons.

"It's very flattering when someone compares me to people like Billie Eilish, but sometimes it gets a little bit too much.

"I think sometimes I get a bit like 'C'mon'... It can be a little bit annoying, but fair enough - I feel like that's what people jump to doing," said BENEE.

She did, however, say she was flattered being compared to the 'No Time To Die' singer.

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There have been rumours about Billie's second album, following the release of her chart-topping 'When We All Fall Asleep Where Do We Go?', including collaborations with Rosalia, after the pair were snapped in the studio together.