Avril Lavigne 2019: What Does The 'Complicated' Singer Look Like Now And When Did She Release Her New Album Head Above Water?

27 February 2019, 16:45

Avril Lavigne has returned to music with a new album
Avril Lavigne has returned to music with a new album. Picture: Getty

Avril Lavigne is back with a new album titled Head Above Water, released in February 2019 17 years after she rose to fame.

Avril Lavigne kicked off 2019 with a new album, Head Above Water, and the former rocker’s comeback has been well received by loyal fans.

The ‘Sk8er Boi’ singer entered the spotlight in 2002, with hits such as ‘Complicated’ and ‘When You’re Gone’.

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What Does Avril Lavigne Look Like Now?

Avril is still rocking her long locks, although she’s removed her trademark pink and green streaks in favour of honey-coloured curls.

Avril Lavigne Age

The pop star is now 34 years old – her birthday is 27th September 1984.

She frequently posts on social media to share her life updates, and is currently promoting her new single 'Dumb Blonde' which features Nicki Minaj.

When Did Avril Lavigne Release Head Above Water?

Avril released her latest album Head Above Water on February 15th 2019. The album is inspired by her battle with Lyme disease, after the disease left her fighting for her health.

In a letter on her website she revealed she “had accepted death and could feel my body shutting down.”

Avril wrote: “I felt like I was drowning. Like I was going underwater and I just needed to come up for air. Like I was in a river being pulled in a current. Unable to breathe.

Avril Lavigne released her new album in February 2019
Avril Lavigne released her new album in February 2019. Picture: Getty

“Praying to God for Him to help me just keep my head above the water. To help me see through the stormy weather. I grew closer to Him. My mother held me.”

The singer is now raising awareness about how severe Lyme disease can be.

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