Adam Lambert Explains The Deep Inspiration Behind New Single 'Superpower'

4 September 2019, 08:06

Adam Lambert explained how his new song, 'Superpower' was a "proud rebellion" for those who were discriminated against.

Adam Lambert - who has previously sung alongside James Corden on The Late Late Show - rang Capital Breakfast with Roman Kemp after he released his brand new song.

On FaceTime to Roman, Vick Hope and Sonny Jay, the Queen frontman shared what inspired him to write and sing 'Superpower'.

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Adam Lambert referred to &squot;Superpower&squot; as a "proud rebellion"
Adam Lambert referred to 'Superpower' as a "proud rebellion". Picture: Capital

"There's a lot of crazy stuff going on in the world right now," said Adam. "I feel like there's a lot of groups of people that get discriminated against or get ostracised.

"I kind of wanted to make a song to make people in that situation feel like they didn't have to take it," continued the 37-year-old Bohemian Rhapsody star.

Adam went on to describe 'Superpower' - a song in which he sings the lyrics 'All of the witches and the demons better get out my way' - as a "proud rebellion".

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He later went on to confirm that he would be returning to the UK for a week later in 2019 to join Capital Breakfast with Roman Kemp live on the show.