WATCH: Vick Hope Let Slip Eyal Booker's Been Sending Her Some Naughty Texts...

19 July 2018, 08:38 | Updated: 19 July 2018, 09:10

We scrolled through Vick Hope's DMs and found out that she's been sliding in the direct messages of the likes of Jesse Lingard and Eyal Booker. But what did she say?

Vick Hope has had a few people slide in the DMs, before - some are complimenting her music choices on Capital; others are A-listers who are sending something a little bit more risqué.

Roman Kemp challenged her to scroll through her direct messages on Instagram, and to randomly stop on a few messages to read them to us.

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It all started off innocently, when Vick was chatting to friends and family members. And then it got to Three Lions legend, Jesse Lingard. Luckily for her, it was just a simple chat about getting the England winger on the show. (We promise not to go through your DMs if you pop by, JL.)

And then it all escalated. Quickly.

We found out that evicted Love Islander, Eyal Booker, had slid into the DMs, and that he and Vick had been exchanging messages that were not suitable for on air.

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What we wouldn't give to read those.