WATCH: "Are You Bantering?" - Love Island's Chris Had A Shock When Kem Decided To Bae Olivia...

6 October 2017, 07:50

Olivia is Kem's type on paper...

'Love Island' was all about hooking up with someone you fancied, and ended up finding your one true love. Chris found Olivia. Kem found Amber. Everyone was happy families.

Well, they were until Roman Kemp stirred the pot.

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Chris and Kem Global's Make Some Noise

The two 'Love Island' legends, Kem Cetinay and Chris Hughes swung by to help raise money for #MakeSomeNoise, but while they were here, we couldn't help but play a quick sesh of 'To Bae Or Not To Bae'.

Pitting the two against each other, we wanted to see if they'd recouple with the likes of Taylor Swift and Sofia Richie, but things got REAL juicy when Kem decided Olivia, Chris' girlfriend, was 100% his type on paper.

Luckily for their bromance, he meant he'd only recouple with her as a mate. We were concerned Chris was going to pencil a whole diss-track to Kem. Phew.

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If you wanted further proof that these two are the ultimate dream team, check out the trailer for their brand new show!