WATCH: Roman Kemp Faced His Fear (Of Frogs) Atop Of The Liver Building

9 October 2019, 07:54 | Updated: 9 October 2019, 07:58

Halsey challenged Roman Kemp to play a "special" game of I Spy, only for him to come face-to-face with his greatest phobia.

During his travels on his No Money Road Trip, Roman Kemp was sent to Liverpool, by Halsey, as she'd organised a challenge for him.

After leaving Manchester, Roman headed to the top of the Liver Building, where he came across a blindfold and a covered box, which just happened to contain his biggest phobia.


Roman Kemp was blindfolded, when he tried to guess a frog
Roman Kemp was blindfolded, when he tried to guess a frog. Picture: Capital

The 'Nightmare' singer dared Roman to work out what was in the box, and if he correctly guessed it, she'd arrange him with accommodation for the evening.

This is where it got interesting - Roman put his hand in and squealed beyond belief, the second he touched the tiny amphibian's leg.

Luckily for him, this earned him somewhere to stay for the night. Unluckily for him, this accommodation just so happened to be suspended from the side of a cliff.


Roman’s No Money Road Trip will see Roman face the daunting task of travelling 1,000 miles around the UK to present five breakfast shows in five days, but without money or the help of his phone.