WATCH: Roman Kemp, Caspar Lee And Joe Sugg Hilariously Teach You 'How To Be A YouTuber'

24 October 2016, 19:24 | Updated: 25 October 2016, 16:04

How To Be A YouTuber Asset

If anyone's going to know how to to be a YouTuber, it's gonna be Caspar Lee and Joe Sugg right?

Hell yeah! 


So whether you're thinking of starting a new YouTube channel, or you're just looking for tips on how to grow your subscribers...look no further!

Just Try To Contain Your LOLs As You Watch Caspar Lee And KSI Try Desperately To Get 'Laid In America'!

Joe Sugg Caspar Lee & Roman Kemp


(Just don't come crying to us if they don't quite work alright...blame Joe & Caspar!)

The lads had swung by Capital Towers as they're currently in the middle of the #HitTheRoadUSA tour.


WATCH: Capital's Roman Kemp Skypes In Live To Joe & Caspar's #HitTheRoadUSA Wrap Party!

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