5 Easy Ways To Make Your Everyday Routine More Sustainable

11 November 2021, 09:49 | Updated: 9 November 2022, 17:43

How to be more sustainable...
How to be more sustainable... Picture: Getty

If you're looking for some easy steps to help you on your sustainability journey then look no further – we've got you covered!

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Sustainability is certainly a hot topic – but how can we practice greener habits one step at a time?

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From your wardrobe to your buying habits to your phone, there are many ways you can make small changes to help towards a more sustainable future.

Here are five easy ways you can change up your daily routine to be more eco-conscious!

Go thrift shopping to find second-hand clothes
Go thrift shopping to find second-hand clothes. Picture: Getty

Donate your old clothes and thrift new ones

Out with the old and in with the... old?

Shopping second-hand is the best way to scratch that itch when you want a new addition to your wardrobe but also want to be sustainable.

Think about either donating or selling your unwanted clothes online – apps like Depop and Vinted are very popular – and you can find yourself some new threads in the same fashion!

Hand in that old phone!
Hand in that old phone! Picture: Getty

Recycle your old phone

We all have old phones knocking around a junk drawer somewhere in our homes!

Why not put the clutter to good use and recycle your old cell? Even faulty mobile phones can be recycled and put to good use in new technologies.

It also saves energy and stops harmful materials from making their way into the environment.

Don't fret, when you donate your old phone your data is still safe!

Buy your groceries at a zero waste store
Buy your groceries at a zero waste store. Picture: Getty

Switch up your diet

If you want to make an easy everyday change that can help the environment then you might be able to do that with your diet!

Meat consumption is responsible for releasing a lot of greenhouse gases – that isn't to mean you should cut it out from your diet completely, but choosing one day a week to go meat-free will cut down on your emissions.

You could also try your hand at having a green thumb! Consider growing some vegetables and herbs of your own, and if you do you can even use your food waste and your own personal compost for your crops!

Get rid of that single-use plastic
Get rid of that single-use plastic. Picture: Getty

Reuse products where you can

Invest in products you can use time and time again!

There are so many ways you can integrate this into your daily routines, take a reusable water bottle to the office, take your own grocery bags to the supermarket etc.

It's not always doable to go completely plastic-free but we can certainly say goodbye to the single-use plastics!

Go to bulk stores

Scour your local area for a bulk store!

Our weekly supermarket shops can lead to a lot of waste from all the plastic packaging, so look for a zero-waste store in your neighbourhood.

Sustainable markets allow you to take your own containers and fill them up with practically any product you can think of, from rice to detergent to vegetables.

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