Kardashians Slammed For Celebrating Kim's Tiny Figure By Calling Her 'Anorexic'

31 July 2018, 11:29 | Updated: 31 July 2018, 11:41

Kim Kardashian took to Instagram to show off her dramatic weight loss, and as family members Kendall and Khloe congratulated her by calling her 'anorexic', people are slamming them for glorifying eating disorders.

The Kardashians are infamous for their nature defying figures, crazy diets and eating nothing but tons of lettuce leaves whilst appearing on their reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, but the family have been slammed for complimenting Kim on her tiny new figure and even complimenting her by calling her 'anorexic'.

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In the totally cringe worthy clip- Kim laps up the compliments from her sister's Khloe and Kendall and friend Malika Haqq, who joke that she must live off nothing but oxygen and lettuce to maintain such a skinny physique.

Khloe exclaims she's 'never seen a skinnier person' and refers to her as 'anorexic', which has caused widespread outrage online.

Kendall tells her sister she's 'worried' as she 'doesn't think she is eating', to which Kim replies: "Oh my God, thank you!"

Since Khloe gave birth to her first daughter, True Thompson, she has been keeping fans updated on her gruelling gym routine and diet to 'snap back' to her pre-baby weight, and the competition to be skinny between sisters is evident in the video as Kim tells Khloe how skinny she also looks.


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