Tom And Claire's Guide To Being A Fresher In Leicester!


Being a fresher in a new city can be scary but not when you know exactly where to go for the essential post night out burger and how to get to a lecture on time the next day!

There'll be one person who'll stink out Kimberlin Library and David Wilson Library with the beautiful aroma of Domino's a week before deadline and make it impossible to do any work! (Not a legit reason to miss a deadline, soz!)


It's perfectly OK to get a Club Taxi into uni because no-one can really expect you to be awake enough to know where you're going at 2pm!


Highcross will become your second home - biggest walk in wardrobe evveerrrrr!


The tiniest bit of sun and campus will evacuate to Bede Park if you're at DMU or Victoria Park if you go to UoL to lap it up! 


You'll talk about going to The National Space Centre for three years but never quite make it!


The result of the Varsity matches will become more important than your exam results!


Remembering all the varsity chants is waaayyy easier than remembering to bring a pen to lecture!


And Maryland or Maccy D's by the Clock Tower is a lifesaver after a night out!

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You can see exactly what to expect during Freshers week in our freshers guide (because everything's much easier in gifs)!