The Votes Are In & We Finally Have The Winner Of Capital's Best Fans 2018!

18 March 2018, 19:52

It's been a hard fought-battle but we have a winner & we couldn't be happier.

Every year, we ask you lot which artist has the best fans. And this year, you really brought your A-game when voting.

From Ariana Grande to Zara Larsson - and everyone in between - you lot rallied in your millions (23 million of you, in fact) to show your love and support for your idols.

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But who really had the #BestFans2018? Well, there could only be one, couldn't there?

No.1 - One Direction (13,164,132 votes)

Best Fans 2018

After winning it so many times before, 2018 marks the third year in a row that Harry, Niall, Louis and Liam have proved Directioners are the best fans in the whole world.

No.2 - Louis Tomlinson (1,371,679 votes)

Best Fans 2018

Not to be outdone by his bandmates, you proved to us that you'll always have a soft spot for the 'Just Hold On' hitmaker, by giving him the silver medal.

No.3 - Ariana Grande (1,296,353 votes)

Best Fans 2018

The past 365 days have been like nothing else for Ariana, and the whole world has been supporting her throughout it. We reckon she'd be pretty hyped to know how much her fans love her.

No.4 - Katy Perry (1,066,562 votes)

Best Fans 2018

She's been in the music game for a while now, so there's no surprise that over a million of you consider her your idol, is there?

No.5 - Lady Gaga (874,826 votes)

Best Fans 2018

In 2015, Lady Gaga topped the charts for Best Fans, and she's still in the top five. There's no messing with her monsters, right?!

No.6 - 5 Seconds of Summer (861,073 votes)

Best Fans 2018

It's been a while since we last saw the boys, but that doesn't mean our love for them has faded. That's why nearly one million of you voted to show your admiration.

No.7 - Camila Cabello (796,923 votes)

Best Fans 2018

There's this little known artist. She goes by the name of Camila Cabello. You might of heard of her? Who are we kidding?! You Camilizers really supported your gal in 2018.

No.8 - Zara Larsson (633,233 votes)

Best Fans 2018

It's been a year since Zara dropped her debut album, 'So Good', so it's not shocking anyone that - after a year - you're still head-over-heels for Zara.

No.9 - Rihanna (414,282 votes)

Best Fans 2018

She's nothing short of an icon. Is anyone really shocked that 13 years after her first single, her navy is still going strong?!

No.10 - Fifth Harmony (395,392 votes)

Best Fans 2018

CALLING ALL HARMONIZERS! Your gals beat off some of the most fierce competition to prove that you lot are some of the most faithful, loyal fans out there.

No.11 - Zayn Malik

No.12 - Little Mix

No.13 - Liam Payne

No. 14 - Harry Styles

No.15 - The Vamps

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No.16 - Niall Horan

No.17 - James Arthur

No.18 - Shawn Mendes

No.19 - Charlie Puth

No.20 - Ed Sheeran

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No.21 - Justin Bieber

No.22 - Selena Gomez

No.23 - Taylor Swift

No.24 - Demi Lovato

No.25 - Dua Lipa

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No.26 - Bruno Mars

No.27 - Rita Ora

No.28 - Anne-Marie

No.29 - Sam Smith

No.30 - Beyoncé

No. 31 - Stormzy

And this is why we love One Direction, right?