WATCH: EXTRA Secret Union J Truth Or Dare Bloopers Video! Full Of EVEN MORE LOLs!

31 July 2014, 11:59

If you LOVED the first two Union J Truth or Dare videos, you NEED to see the outtakes!

When Union J settled down for a game of Truth or Dare with Capital, we found out a LOT more than we bargained for… 

But as well as the secrets that we managed to get the boys to spill, there was a whole host of random moments that didn't make the final cut. 

So we gave you #JCats the chance to see more of these AMAZING unseen moments, and unlock the video by subscribing to It didn't take the super fans long to unlock the secret content for your viewing pleasure! 

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Make sure to pass the message on to all your fellow #JCats - there are whole HEAP in never-before-seen LOLs yet to come! 

If you missed the original #UJTruthOrDare videos, you can catch up right here. 

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