From Toilet Banter To Conjoined Twins - Check Out 21 Of Union J's Funniest Ever Tweets

12 August 2014, 17:21

Union J on the set of 'Tonight' music video

Those Union J boys are a funny old bunch, aren't they? Check out this collection of their funniest tweets so far…

When you let those Union J boys loose on Twitter, anything - ANYTHING - can come out. Literally. From bottom washing to DILFs, we've chosen their funniest tweets to date. 

When Jaymi Hensley revealed what his bedroom looks like: 

When George Shelley discovered shower caps for the first time:

When Josh Cuthbert found bits of his anatomy he didn't know he had: 

When JJ Hamblett's mum found out more than she needed to know: 

When George explained why we don't have unicorns:

When Jaymi found a conjoined twin on April Fools Day:

When Josh gave us a TMI account of his bidet experience:

When JJ proved he shouldn't be allowed round Ikea unsupervised:

When George proved he's more than just a pretty face:

When Jaymi fangirled all over the place:

When Josh revealed his favourite food:

When JJ let us in on who sends him the most texts:

When Jaymi got sassy:

When George revealed his secret hobbies:

When Josh got his dance moves out:

When Jaymi forgot the past two years of his life:

When George tried out his rapper name:

When we found out that JJ is a bit of a wimp around bugs:

When we hoped Josh remembered his arm bands…:

When Jaymi took style tips from an unlikely source…:

When Josh bought his holiday footwear:

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