9 Things That Resemble Hugs From Union J's Most Cuddly Member, George Shelley...

25 November 2014, 14:16 | Updated: 25 November 2014, 14:24

George Shelley Union J Press Shot

If you've ever been lucky enough to meet Union J you'll know that George gives THE BEST HUGS! And if you haven't, then here's exactly how it feels to get a #ShelleyHug...

With the Jingle Bell Ball 2014 creeping up on us we can't help thinking of the possibility of Union J's George Shelley giving out free hugs… 

With one of the BEST cuddles in the game Union J's George has us all in a frenzy, and judging by your tweets, #JCats, it would seem you all agree.

It's like getting rugby tackled by a baby bear

Like a magnet, he just sticks to you - there's no resisting. Don't ever let go, George!

It feels like you're wrapped in a massive duvet of love... 



Just like a mummy koala, George's hugs will protect you.

Like a onesie: snug and warm, plus one size fits all!



Your body WILL melt... Like the inside of a Lindt chocolate!

Like an excitable puppy greeting you at your front door, EVERY DAY. 



It'll also give you a permanent smile, like nothing else ever could. 

And when all four boys are included, it can only be described as total bliss. Like listening to the Union J album for the first time.


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