Tinie & Scouting For Girls collab?

Arguably one of 2010's biggest stars, Tinie Tempah, wants to continue to surprise his fans his music into 2011.

And how's this for a potential surprise. Tinie revealed to the Daily Star newspaper that he would be interested in teaming up with Scouting For Girls for a possible musical collaboration.

He told the newspaper: ""As an artist, part of your job is to create things people might not necessarily expect," he said. "Scouting For Girls are a great pop band and I'd definitely love to work with them."

"I don't know if it's something that would end up on their album or something like a one-off EP but we should definitely try to have a writing session together to see what results."

In a spot of mutual loving, Scouting For Girls' frontman Roy Stride told the Daily Star: "Pass Out is my favourite single of last year and Tinie is one of the nicest guys I've met."

"I'd be well up for that [collaboration] as he'd obviously bring something totally new to our sound. Or we could do the same for his music, if he wanted to do something for his album."

Let us below who you would like to see Tinie work with this year:

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